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Out of Storage Space?

When you are dealing with a lot of clutter, or if your collection of items is growing beyond what your space can handle, count on C-Can Rentals. We offer mobile storage space in Casper, WY, to meet your storage needs. Proudly serving the state of Wyoming, we both rent and sell mobile containers and van trailers. These affordable and convenient mobile storage units are perfect for:

  • Seasonal Merchandise
  • Remodeling & Construction
  • Business Expansion
  • Work Site Storage
  • Storage While Moving
  • Office/Storage Units
  • Document Storage

Mobile Storage Containers

Mobile Storage Containers

Van Trailers

Van Trailers

Wyoming Trucking Association

National Portable Storage Association

Monthly Discount

With Rental of 3-5 Containers

Monthly Discount

With Rental of 6 or More Containers

The Advantage of Mobile Storage Space

Why opt for a mobile option when you need to store your belongings? In addition to being affordable, our containers allow you to adapt to any situation without compromising the security of your property. By choosing a mobile storage space, you don’t have to worry about finding a facility that’s consistently accessible or balancing the distance between moving locations.

Instead, you can move your storage—and your possessions—with you wherever you go. That means more freedom than many traditional units and versatility for unexpected changes in your circumstance. Whether you need to extend the deadline of a construction project or change plans after a home sale falls through, you’ll never be stuck with a storage unit that’s inconveniently located. 

Avoid the Hassle of Storage Space Rentals

Location isn’t the only limiting factor when it comes to using non-mobile rentals. Even the best-reviewed facilities have break-ins and security concerns that can leave you tossing and turning at night if you’re separated from your belongings. Our mobile containers can sit right on your property, where you can check up on them whenever you wish.

When the time comes to retrieve your stored items; a mobile space means that you can move your storage close to where you want to take them, making unpacking a breeze. Explore our available options for containers and storage van trailers and see why mobile is the way to go.

Contact us to get the right storage solution for your situation. We proudly serve Casper, WY, and the surrounding areas.

About Us

A locally owned and family operated business, C-Can Rentals understands the importance of excellent customer service. To make your rental experience as hassle-free as possible, we provide same-day delivery/pick-up on most orders, and will even provide transportation for customer-owned mobile storage units. Call today and take advantage of our attentive service!


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